Let’s face it when it comes to study abroad

You Think

$ 20k-30k Yearly Tuition
  • $150 application fee
  • 2-month delayed application response
  • 3-month long visa processing time
  • 50/50 visa acceptance rate

But What If, I Told You

It Could Also Be

$ 3K-4K Yearly Tuition
  • $20 application fee
  • Admission processing taking just 2 days
  • Visa processing completed within 14 days
  • A high visa acceptance rate

Hold On…………. I know you’re excited

“But an offer like this can only be available to a few students because there’s only a certain number of students the university can admit.”


For the next 24 hours, Vistula is offering free registration on their application portal. Use the link below to access the portal and register for your preferred course instantly

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